Save the Bees

Save The Bees

Did you know that the Government has recently lifted the ban on a bee-killing neonicotinoid?

Positioned as an emergency measure to stop virus-spreading aphids, it contradicts guidance of Government expert advisors who say it poses unacceptable risks to bees and other pollinators, damages rivers and contaminates the environment.

We are one of many businesses and organisations including Neal's Yard, The Body Shop, Yeo Valley, The British Beauty Council and Greenpeace who have come together  calling on the Government to ball ALL future use of neonicotinoids in the UK and use NON-TOXIC alternatives.

Why Bee Conservation is so important

Many of the plants we need for food rely on pollination, and mostly by bees! And ..⁠

  • Just one teaspoon of the pesticide is enough to kill 1.25 billion honeybees 
  • One single exposure to neonicotinoids can damage the ability of bees to forage and reproduce⁠
  • ⁠In the last ten years, the UK bee population is thought to have reduced by a third! ⁠

How you can help ...

🐝 Sign the Greenpeace petition to press the Government to enforce a total ban on bee-killing pesticides⁠

🐝 Sign the Friends of the Earth ‘Shape the future of our countryside’ petition, pushing the Environment Secretary for a clear plan to reduce the use of pesticides and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife ⁠

🐝 Head over to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website to learn more, including all the ways you can make your local area more bee-friendly


“Standing united on this matter is more than just a coming together of like-minded businesses. It’s a call to arms for every person, company and organisation to spread the word and spur action. We hope that together, our voices will amplify the call on the government and drive positive, meaningful change.” – Anabel Kindersley, Co-Owner of Neal’s Yard Remedies⁠ pictured above delivering the letter to No 10 Downing Street. You can read the full letter here.

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