Nurturing your heart, mind and skin this February

Nurturing your heart, mind and skin this February

Love is in the air this month, so it’s the perfect time to prioritise not only matters of the heart, but also the wellbeing of your cardiovascular system. Although there are some hereditary factors, lifestyle choices play a significant role in combating the world's leading killer – cardiovascular disease. Opting for a diet rich in ultra-processed foods while neglecting vegetables and fruits can set you on a detrimental path for heart health. Cardiovascular disease is fundamentally an inflammatory condition, leading to elevated blood pressure, plaque formation and the constriction of blood vessels. Simple adjustments to your diet can significantly enhance your cardiovascular system.

Incorporate omega-3 fatty acid sources into your meals, such as fatty fish (salmon, mackerel and trout), flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts. These fats have demonstrated various cardiovascular benefits, notably in reducing inflammation and enhancing good cholesterol levels.

Berries stand out as another excellent choice for heart health. Abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and fibre, they contribute to improved blood pressure and decreased inflammation in the body.

Consider beetroot as a personal favourite for promoting heart health, especially in managing blood pressure. Bursting with antioxidants and abundant in nitrates (which convert to nitric acid in the body), beetroot aids in dilating blood vessels, enhancing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

This February, make choices that leave your cardiovascular system in significantly better shape. This high protein breakfast smoothie contains beetroot and berries to provide an excellent start to the morning. We think you’ll LOVE it!


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