Itchy, tight skin driving you crazy?

Itchy, tight skin driving you crazy?

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, our skin changes too. Your skin may start to feel uncomfortable, tight and dry, cracked or rough to touch and itchy or sore. If you suffer with eczema, you may be having a flare-up at the moment.

We have the heating on, the winds are cold and we love to have a hot shower or bath at this time of year to warm our bones. What these do, is zap our skin of the important moisture it needs, leaving your skin looking less radiant.

Don't worry because we are here to help with our Top 5 Tips on how to Get Your Glow On this Autumn.

1. Moisturise your skin every day - morning and night, with Oil Day Long and/or Cream Come True. This is so important to maintain a healthy level of the essential oils we need in our skin, to protect the skin, strengthen the skin barrier, soften and soothe, calm and nourish and give you your glow back. 

2. Ensure showers and baths aren't hot, turn the temperature down and go warm instead. Your skin will be grateful as it won't feel tight, ensuring essential oils are kept. To stay warm after a shower or bath, snuggle up under a blanket or use a hot water bottle.

3. Avoid scrubs and exfoliants and rubbing your skin too harshly with a towel. This may irritate your skin and cause further damage and it will deplete your skin of the essential oils it needs to moisturise and protect your skin, giving it the healthy skin barrier it needs.

4. Wrap up and protect your skin when out and about. Gloves and scarves will prevent the cold winds from playing havoc with your skin and drying it out.

5. Feed your skin with foods high in vitamin E - such as nuts, seeds and spinach as these help to support your skin’s health and moisture. Nuts, seeds, avocados and fish will help strengthen your skin’s naturally protective outer layer (known as the lipid barrier). Hydrate and drink water each day, maybe try warm water this time of year. Check out yummy recipes with our nutrition expert Kat Bright

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