How to cope with anxiety during exams with Nicola Bonn, our Anxiety & Beauty Ambassador

How to cope with anxiety during exams with Nicola Bonn, our Anxiety & Beauty Ambassador

Exam season is here and trust me, I know how anxiety provoking that can feel.

For me, exams not only felt like the be all and end all when it came to my future success (which they absolutely were not), but I used to get panic attacks sitting in a big hall to do them, so I had the added stress of feeling awful whilst trying to succeed. I eventually asked to take my exams in a room where I would feel comfortable and my teachers were really supportive.

Let's get back to you though. If exams are making you feel stressed, anxious and scared, I want to reassure you that however well or badly you do, you will be OK. High grades are not the only marker of success. However you do, you will forge your own path and do what is right for you and I promise you it will work out. Never put excessive pressure on yourself. Just do the best that you can.

When it comes to the physical feelings of stress and anxiety, please promise me that you will look after yourself. As well as studying you need to get outside. Go for walks in nature without your smartphone. Look around you and be mindful of your surroundings. Breathe slowly and give your brain a break. 

Movement is so important too. Turn the music up and dance around your house. Go for walks or jobs with friends. Get a mini trampoline and jump. Exercise and better mental health go hand in hand.

If you are feeling excessively anxious and over-whelmed, talk to someone you trust. If your parents are putting pressure on you, politely ask them to stop. Tell them it's not helping.

Perhaps most importantly, believe in yourself and trust yourself. Exam grades and your academic performance are a very small part of who you are and will become. In my world, the people who have found the most success are kind, interesting, interested and have self belief. 

However you do, you've got this! 

My top tip for relaxation:

Let all your breath out and feel your stomach naturally draw in.

Breathe in through your nose for a count of 6, hold for 7 and then slowly breathe out again for 8.

Repeat 3 times

My top tips for revision:

Make a daily timetable and do manageable chunks.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Don't spend all your spare time on social media. See friends in real life and get outside!

If your anxiety gets bad:

Seek help. Talking about your mental health is so important and if you need support it is out there.

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