Five Star Review from Lous News!

Five Star Review from Lous News!

A big thanks to Louis for such a wonderful review with Soothe Operator and Cream Come True in his latest blog Easy Ways to tackle dry skin.

"Another amazing product that I love to use are the creams and moisturisers from SkinGenius. They have some of the best face moisturiser for dry skin that I’ve used so far although you of course don’t need to just use their products on your face area, I also use it on my neck when I get dry skin after walking the dog.

The SkinGenius products are super easy to apply, they don’t feel greasy and they actually show visible results in literally minutes. I use their "Soothe Operator" calming moisturiser before bed each night during my shower routine. It means my skin isn’t drying out, it’s perfect if you have oily skin and it stops any acne I may get from the harsh wind when walking my dog.

It works well with sensitive skin, does the trick and it doesn’t cost a fortune unlike other moisturiser products on the market. I’d easily say give them a go especially if you’re outside often. Take a look at their other products while you’re there. I love their "Cream Come True" for my hands!"

Read Louis full blog here


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