Adult Acne Skincare Routine

Adult Acne Skincare Routine

You only get acne when you are in your teens – wrong! 

You can get it in adulthood too, even if you had clear skin in your teens.  With our hormones and raised levels of cortisol (stress hormone that produces more sebum = spots) we find acne, spots and breakouts appearing at any age.   Hormones are being challenged daily with diet, medication and lifestyle and this will have an affect on our bodies.   The important thing is to work with your skin naturally and not against by using natural ingredients that have been around for hundreds of years and have stood the test of time.  

It’s important to keep up with a skincare routine both morning and night and remember that opting for natural and organic products that work with the skin, bring positive results that last. There’s no such thing as an overnight success so you must stay with it and give any new products at least three months to really see what they can do for you. 

Enjoying a healthy diet, lifestyle and outlook on life will all contribute further to a clearer complexion and making changes will make a difference.   Patience and commitment will bring you positive results. 

Invest in the best skincare for you and as we like to say, Be Clear, Be Confident, Be You.

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