Acne, Bullying and Me with Scott McGlynn our Anti-Bullying Ambassador

Acne, Bullying and Me with Scott McGlynn our Anti-Bullying Ambassador

From the age of 11 years old, I started to get redness and I only used to have a few breakouts on my face.  In less than a year, before I hit 12 years old, I was struggling with really bad acne on my face and back.  It was at this point, I started to get bullied for having acne from other students, with it really affecting my self-esteem and confidence.  Some days I felt so bad about, there were times when I couldn’t go to school, I just wanted to hide away from everyone because I didn’t want to face people and get the horrid comments shouted at me – these hurt so much.  This was during the early 2000’s, when acne or any skin kind of skin concern, wasn’t talked about. There was no guidance and people didn’t know how to relate to people affected with acne or know how to start a conversation in any way.

There were only a few brands on the market that tackled spots, but acne and a few spots are very different.  Of course, I tried and used these brands and unfortunately they didn’t work for me, they were so harsh, dried my skin out, creating more problems and made my skin worse,  as well as bleaching towels and pillows. I tried over the counter products from the chemist and antibiotics from the doctors, but these made me feel very poorly. There really weren’t any products out there, to help my skin. I wish Skin:Genius was in my life back then, a brand that understands acne and actually targets the problems acne brings.

Even as an adult I still get my break out areas which Skin:Genius helps me through. Not only for me, I got some Skin:Genius for my niece who's in her teens.  She’s started to get some acne and breakouts, and thanks to the products her skin is looking amazing!  If you are suffering from acne whatever your age, start using the Skin:Genius products range - it will change your life!  It makes a big difference having great quality products that actually work to help resolve the problems caused by acne and stick to your routine every morning and night.  There is no overnight cure or fix, but if you commit to your routine and skincare even when your skin starts to clear, this will help to keep spots away.

Remember to be your Incredible Self – Scott x

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