A Parent’s Guide to Helping Teens Prepare for Exams

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Teens Prepare for Exams

As parents, we play a crucial role in supporting them during the challenging exam season. While exams can be a stressful for teens, our guidance and encouragement can make a significant difference.  By providing a calm environment and giving emotional support, we can help our teenager navigate the exam period with confidence.  In this blog post, explore effective ways to help assist teens getting ready for exams. We have two teen boys, one doing GCSE’s this year and the other next year, so I understand how you may be feeling. 

I heard someone say the other day that when she was standing outside waiting to go in for an exam, the tutor said to them “enjoy your exam”. They said “what do you mean – enjoy?”.  He told them to go in and “show off your skills as you will never do these exams again.  Show them everything you have learnt”.  I thought this was great advice and told our son who thought so too.

  1. Encourage a balanced approach. While exams are important, it’s equally important to encourage a balanced approach to studying. Help create a schedule that includes time for rest and time out ensuring they don’t become overwhelmed or burn out.
  2. Create a study space. If possible, set up a specific area for learning that is organised, tidy and comfortable.  Ensure you have the equipment needed to make study easier, offer help with flash cards and quizzes. Set a timer when studying.
  3. Offer encouragement and ask about their feelings. Create a calm and positive atmosphere, helping teens feel supported. If they’re feeling anxious or stressed, maybe try deep breathing or the Headspace app to help them relax.
  4. Ensure they eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated and get exercise. A healthy body and mind will help to improve concentration, focus and memory retention.
  5. Positive encouragement and celebrating all efforts and achievements will boost confidence and help keep them motivated.

They’ve got this and you’ve got them.

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