Raving Review *****

Raving Review *****

A big thank you for this fabulous review by Petra Bryant with Heart London Magazine :-)

"I used to get the odd hormonal pimple, but this pandemic has played havoc with my usually clear skin. I am so glad to have discovered Skin:Genius range for troubled skin. Award-winning Best Cleanse Forever is a gentle foaming face wash bursting with organic and natural botanicals, proven to control bacteria, soothe inflamed skin and reduce redness. It contains powerful Witch Hazel, Red Clover and Lemongrass, which deep cleanses without over-drying the skin. This is important as most spot-fighting formulas dry the skin and then it fights back with over-production of sebum. This clever cleanser leaves the skin clean and balanced and smelling super fresh!

For the next step, I apply All’s Well That Gels Well to target my pesky spots. Before discovering this range, I had an inflamed spot on my cheek for a month. Wearing my mask on the commute to work hasn’t helped. Once I applied this magical gel overnight, I couldn’t believe how fast this pimple admitted defeat. It packed its bags within two days and hasn’t returned. The fast-drying gel formula immediately reduced the redness and killed off the nasty bacteria. This natural product is loaded with Oregan Grape, Nettle, Roman Chamomile and Yarrow and isn’t tested on animals. If you want a compact and fast-acting pimple slayer, opt for a 10ml Hits The Spot purifying gel.

I end my night-time routine with Soothe Operator, which is as good as the name sounds. The calming potion is made of Witch Hazel, Babassu, Hazelnut, Nettle Extract and Macadamia. It is a beautifully creamy treat.

Skin:Genius deserves its name. It delivers on the promise in every way.

I am hooked."

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